Peter Frisch Talks About Julianne Moore (Academy Award-Winner 2015)

"When you have a great teacher that unlocks something in you, that...helps you figure out how to do the work

It was the first time I thought, well, maybe it's not just magic."

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Julianne Moore - Academy Award-Winner 2015

" responsible for creating the kind of actor I am today. He taught me how to truly take risks in my work, invest authentically in my characters...

The method that Peter taught is still one that I use today – he gave me the tools to access, emotionally and intellectually, very dense material."

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"Always constructive, specific and imagination-based."

Summer Session begins June 14, 2015


1Sunday Nights (SB)
Individual programs are designed to help participants break through habits, propensities and limitations in order to achieve maximum range, freedom and power. Bypassing habitual response, actors discover new territory – and surprising range and depth.

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2Monday Nights (LA)
Where the rubber meets the road! From the “trinity,” transitions and choices to emotional prep and use of the lens, participants master the tools of the craft and apply them to The Audition. All aspects of the audition experience will be covered.

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3Tuesday Nights (SB)
Master the rehearsal process from the first reading to the run of the show. Employ the tools of the craft while exploring two different scenes from stage or film. Perfect a dependable and dynamic process that will be used on all material in all media.

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4Thursday Nights (SB)
The revolutionary approach to character emotional life employing the power of the actor’s imagination to create vibrant, lasting images and feelings. These images and feelings support, enliven, and deepen character choices. Experience the character’s experiences!

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Photo Credits: Timothy John Plog, Stanislava Photography, Jessica Rao